About Us

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Passion Brought us here !

The Tea Space opened it’s doors at Melbourne, Australia in 2010 Inside a little Restaurant it was started off by Chris and it was nothing but just a hobby,

He sourced fresh leaves from the plantations across the world and started serving to the clients on a small but daily basis, Chris’s Green tea & Earl Grey has become quite popular within the local community at Melbourne.
However he decided to pursue his dream ! and by moving to overseas from inner-city Melbourne, Chris left his stressed-out city lifestyle behind to find some peace and quiet in the country and then by travelling overseas, such as Japan, Nepal ,China and Darjeeling India. 

Lured by the rolling green hills, that reminded Chris of his Homeland and while drinking a beautiful cup of the High altitudes, the Idea was born ! to serve the world with some fine quality tea from the remote regions around the world.

Needless to say, don’t be fooled by Chris and his colleagues hospitality, they are seriously professional and passionate people when it comes to tea. Their focus is on quality and service and providing a wonderful experience for their customers,

Tea Space now serves 190 countries world wide. They have been thrilled by the response to their store and have built a loyal following from tea lovers, young and old.

Sourced From Origins

Premium and finest Tea from around the World.

Premium Quality

When is comes to Quality there is no Compromise.

100 % Pure, Fresh & Organic.

Try it yourself the difference of the Finest tea money can buy.

Safety & Hygiene Paramount to us.

When it comes to food safety & Hygiene, We follow the Australian Standards.